One-to-one meetings

One-to-one meetings are an opportunity to meet the representatives of companies face to face. They are arranged by appointment, each lasting 20 minutes, and are held during the Forum day. The primary aim of a "one-to-one meeting" is to bring students/graduates and potential employers together for an initial acquaintance. Such meetings must not be confused with job interviews leading to an immediate placement or job position with the firm.

How they work
You can book an individual meeting by selecting the companies that interest you and attaching your CV. Companies will receive your request and will, some days before the Forum, confirm (or not) the appointment, specifying the time.

We kindly invite you to register for an individual meeting only with companies you are seriously interested in and are sure to have the time to meet, in case of a positive reply:


Avaloq Sourcing

Corriere del Ticino

CSC_Impresa Costruzioni SA

Hugo Boss

Michael Kors

RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

Tarchini Group

Ticino Turismo

VF international




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